Happy Winter Feet

Posted on: 2/10/2020

Are your feet happy and healthy this winter?

Our feet form the foundation for our entire body so it is important to keep them healthy all year round.  During the colder winter months’ feet are generally covered up and out of sight as we try to keep warm with thick socks, slippers and boots.  However, out of sight should not mean out of mind.  Here are some tips to help you maintain the health of your feet in these last weeks of winter weather.

  Avoid getting your shoes and socks wet during the winter snow and rain.  Your shoes will take a lot longer to dry in wet weather.  Damp footwear increases the risk of skin infections as the moisture creates a perfect breeding ground for an infection to spread. Try to have a back up pair and let shoes thoroughly dry between wears.

 Closed in shoes or boots are a must for the colder weather. Wearing narrow or too short of shoes can cause toenail issues, corns and calluses, and foot pain. Remember that thick socks or tights also change the fit of your shoes so consider that when making your next purchase.

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