Give those aches a break!

Posted on: 2/26/2020

I love this warm weather that has been popping up lately! It's making me anxious for spring.

However,  this cold to warm and warm back to cold has my aches aching and my pains paining (is that a word?).

So what do you do?

We have a new product here at Mid Plains Podiatry that can help provide temporary relief from minor aches and pains, sore muscles and joint pain assosciated with arthirtis, back pain, sprains, and strains. 

Its called Hempnesic Gel and it is the only FDA registered topical pain-relieving gel that directly influences the endocannabinoid system with Hemp-derived cannabidiol containing Capsaicin, Menthol, and Camphor.

Features and Benefits:

Would you like to give it a try and give those aches a break?

Stop by our office and talk to us about it. 

See you soon! 



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