We Need Your Vote!

Hello Everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July! It sure was a hot one, wasn’t it?

As for recent news, Omaha Magazine is currently taking votes for Best of Omaha 2021. Voting is set to end August 20, 2020.

We ask that you please take the time to go on to bestofvoting.com to register and vote for Mid Plains Podiatry!


Thank you everyone for your love and support.


Corky Boards Fun!

Mid Plains Podiatry Staff did some team bonding and had some much needed fun at the Midtown Corky Boards.

It was a great time and I’d say our creations resembled that of a professional!

Check out our beautiful artwork and book your own time there to help support our local businesses.


Stinky Shoes

Remember last week we talked about sweaty feet?

Well let’s be honest, sweaty feet causes very stinky shoes.

So what do we do for stinky shoes?

Rather than hiding them away, here are a few tips on how to take care of shoe odor…

Take the insides out of your shoes and place both the shoes and the inserts out in the sun on a hot summer day.

Spray the inside of your shoes with either a Lysol disinfectant spray or a deodorizer.

Come by our office and get yourself some Clean Sweep. This is an Antimicrobial Shoe Spray to help kill and prevent odor causing bacteria.

Don’t live with stinky shoes if you don’t have to. Give one of these options a try before throwing those shoes in the dumpster!

Sweaty Summer Feet

Summer is coming, and that means warm weather is in on it’s way!

Do you struggle with sweaty feet? Do your work and daily activities call for closed toed shoes?

Summer time is great for putting on your sandals and allowing your feet to get some air, but not everyone can do that on a daily basis. Sometimes our jobs or activities require us to wear closed toed shoes even in the hot summer months. Situations like these cause some sweaty and uncomfortable feet.

So what can you do?

Get yourself an antiperspirant, either a spray or roll on, that can be applied in the morning daily before putting on your socks and shoes.

You can find  ordinary spray on antiperspirants at your local grocery store or neighborhood pharmacy.

You can also find a great roll on antiperspirant specifically for your feet at our office. Its called Aarica and can be purchased at our front desk during regular business hours.


We hope you have a great start to your summer!


SALE on Sea Salts!

Great News!!!

Our Sea Salts are on sale now!

These all natural sea salts for soaking and promoting healthy skin are usually priced at $12 plus tax.

They are now on sale for $10 plus tax.

These wonderful salts come in many scents and can also be paired with our Moisturizing Magic Oil.

Come by and get some today!

Hiring for Receptionist

Good morning!
How are you all doing?
Since we have reopened and are headed to a full schedule again, we have a receptionist position open.
So – if you are interested or know someone who is looking for employment – we have the job posted on Careerlink.
Check it out!

Warm Weather Activities

Late spring will soon become summer; a whole new season of warm-weather has arrived! As we transition to the sports we enjoy during the temperate months ahead, it’s easy to forget that different sports require different sets of muscles, altered postures, and clothing and gear we’re not yet accustomed to. Serious athletes and amateurs of every age will be more vulnerable to injuries until they get re-acclimated to their favorite fair-weather sports.

When starting a new physical activity or work out, specialists recommend starting slowly, and increasing distance by no more than 10 percent per week. Specifically when starting up running, you need to make sure to rest adequately in between runs to prevent injury. Wearing supportive athletic shoes is especially important. 

Don’t let foot pain and discomfort get in the way of your warm weather activities!

Come in to see us and we will get you back to enjoying your spring and summer as soon as we can!

Vote on Omaha Choice Awards


It’s that time to go vote for the Omaha Choice Awards.
Voting ends Saturday April 19, 2020.
Go to Omaha.com/choice …
Step 1. Select Health and Medicine
Step 2. Select Podiatrist
Step 3. Type in Mid Plains Podiatry

Thank you so much for your support! We enjoy serving you in all your foot care needs!

Fun Ideas for Quarantine

Who’s starting to feel cabin fever settle in?

Anyone running out of ideas to keep themselves and their family members busy?
… ME!

As I find myself running out of ideas and crafts to keep myself and little one busy, I thought I would share with you some of the fun ideas we have done in hopes you would share some of yours with me. So far we have tried..

  • Going on a walk with a scavenger list made up of items we could find around the neighborhood such as “white car, trash bin, etc.”
  • Sorting through our toys and clothes to set aside things to donate to shelters.
  • Building blankets forts to camp in with our popcorn and candy!

What have you done with your family or by yourself? What has kept you busy at home in this time of social distancing? Go to our Facebook page and leave us your ideas and see what others have done. Who knows? Maybe you’ll gain some new activities to add to your to do list!

Stay safe everyone!

Thank you so much for your support! We enjoy serving you in all your foot care needs!

Still available for shoe purchases by appointment

Hello Everyone!

We hope your social distancing is full of relaxing and family time.

We are still open for purchasing and pick up of shoes and with the weather changing, this is the best time to get a new pair of shoes for the spring. To limit the amount of people in the office, we ask that you kindly call us before coming in to set up a time to help you shop and look at our wide shoe selection.

The shoe brands we sell are Revere, Vionic, Anodyne, Dr. Comfort and Orthofeet.

Stay healthy!

Thank you so much for your support! We enjoy serving you in all your foot care needs!

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