Fungal Problems

Fungal Problems


Inflamed areas between the toes & sides of feet

Moist reddened scales or blisters between the toes

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Common Nail Problems

Fungus is a common mold that thrives in warm, dark, damp environments. It is most commonly found on the bottom of the feet and between the toes. The appearance can present as dry, red, cracked feet with fluid filled blisters. Between the toes can be white in appearance due to excess moisture. It is contageous and is often found near pools and public showers. It is important to treat the fungas as it can develop into a serious secondary infection.

Fungal nails are often the result of athlete's foot, nail polish, decrease in your immune system or trauma to the area. The nails are thick and discolored in appearance. As the nails thicken, they can become ingrown and painful.

Ingrown nails are most commonly found on the first toes. It is usually the result of the nail growing into the skin. The most common causes are: improper trimming, injuries, fungal infections or the shape due to inherited factors. It is important to seek treatment if the nail becomes painful. There could be an underlying infection that may need antibiotics.

If the ingrown nail becomes chronic, a simple in office procedure is done to relieve your symptoms. A local anesthetic is used and a chemical is applied to prevent the nail edge from regrowing.