Foot Problems, Cracks and Fissures | bacterial infection, fungal infection, antifungal medication, cracked feet, treatment, causes

Cracks and Fissures

Cracks and fissures are breaks in your skin that can occur when it is too moist or too dry. Dry skin may become rough and flaky. Bacterial or fungal infections can occur in overly moist skin causing cracks between the toes. The base of the heel is a common area for cracks and large fissures to form.

Achieving the right balance of moisture in your feet is important. Walking barefoot, or wearing sandals or open-toe shoes, can strip your feet of the natural layer of oil that protects your feet from dry skin. Deep cracks and fissures may not heal on their own, leaving your feet open to bacterial and/or fungal infection.

Treatment for excesively moist skin may include applying drying agents, antifungal lotion or oral medication. Dry skin may be treated by using lotion (not between toes) or a pumice stone to remove rough patches.