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Flat Feet

The supportive arch of your foot may begin to collapse from loss of strength causing your foot to flatten. Some people are born with flat feet while others develop the condition as a result of arthritis, trauma, or musculo-skeletal disorders.

Overuse or repeated pounding on hard surfaces can also weaken the foot's arch. Discomfort caused from flat feet may not appear for years. Walking may become awkward, difficult or painful as feet and calves receive increasing strain. Excess strain from flat feet may cause other problems such as:

  • hammertoes
  • bunions
  • heelspurs
  • arch strain
  • corns
  • neuromas
  • sagging joints

Flat feet can be improved by the following treatments:

It is very important that flat feet are diagnosed at an early age. Most people do not outgrow this foot deformity.