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Fungal Problems

Foot Problems, Fungal and Bacterial Infections | fungus, toes, athletes foot, thick, discolored nails, inflammation, causes, treatments

Fungus grows in dark, warm, moist areas such as the toenails, the bottom of the feet and between the toes. Most common fungal problems include athlete’s foot and fungal nails. Socks, shoes, heat and humidity affect fungal foot problems. Serious secondary bacterial infections may result from untreated fungal infections.

Athlete’s foot may be spread in public places where shoes are not worn, such as swimming pools and public showers. Treatments vary based on the type of fungal infection. Over-the-counter and prescription medications often help treat the problem.

Fungal nails may result from spreading fungal infections, use of artificial nails, nail polish or injury to the nail. The nail may become thick and discolored, causing inflamation and sensitivity. Fungal nails are more resistant to treatment than athlete's foot. In some cases, trimming, filing or grinding away the diseased part of the nail may be needed.

To help prevent fungal infections, alternate shoes, dry your feet carefully, change socks daily and wear sandals in public showers, pools etc.