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Hammer Toe & Minimally Invasive Surgery for Hammer Toe Correction

Hammer toes may be present from birth, but more often are acquired by wearing improperly fitting footwear. In children, the condition can occur from wearing shoes they have outgrown. The condition may occur in all but the first toe and is caused by ligaments and tendons that tighten, causing the toes joints to curl downward. The toes will appear bent or curled under. In time, pain will develop and it becomes difficult to maneuver the foot.

Your podiatrist can treat hammer toes. In mild cases, a shoe change may correct the problem or prevent the condition from worsening. Sometimes the toes are straightened for a period of time using a splint. In more severe cases; surgery may be required. In most cases, the hammer toes can be corrected using minimally invasive surgery. There are no unsightly scars on the top of the toes. With this innovative procedure, healing time is faster because there is less trauma to the area. Many patients are back to work in a few days.